Raisa's Birthday Cake

Raisa's Birthday Cake with the cute letter candles

This is the birthday cake I made for my friend's daughter, Raisa Malabuyoc last July 8, 2014.  The cake is my yummy carrot cake and what made it more special is the addition of pineapple tidbits and almond chips. The frosting I used is the Bakersfield Whippit which is a non-dairy whipping cream. Although it is expensive, after discovering it,   I began to love this product because it is not so sweet. It is also stable and does not melt which gives a beautiful frosting result. 

For the decorations,  I used small sugar flowers and teddy bears holding a heart, sprinkle candies and put swirls around the cake.  It is my first time to write on the cake and this was the challenging part.  I had to scrape and re-do the lettering several times until I was happy and satisfied with it.


I combined the white and pink frosting for the swirls around the cake

This is my cake holder which I have been using to protect my finished cake inside the refrigerator

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